The SF film “The Adam Project”, starring Ryan Reynolds, is ready for 2021

Ryan Reynolds has signed on for the role in “The Adam Project”, a film planned for 2021, on the Netflix platform. It seems that the actor set out to appear in all the projects that caught his eye.

In addition to the two Reynolds films scheduled for release in 2020, “Free Guy” and “The Hitman’s Wife Bodyguard,” the actor finished filming for “Red Notice.” For this film, he teamed up with actors Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot.

Reynolds and Mark Ruffalo as father and son

These projects would seem to be enough for an actor, during a calendar year, but not for Reynolds. According to some images posted on social networks, it seems that the actor has already started filming, a week ago, for a new cinematic surprise.

“The Adam Project” also stars Mark Ruffalo as Reynolds’ father.

The images posted appear to be “torn” from the film; In one, Reynolds and young actor Walker Scobell appear, and the second is a behind-the-scenes capture of Reynolds talking to director Shawn Levy and looking at something on his phone.

“The Adam Project”: Journeys into the past to save the future

The film, a SF thriller, is based on the novel by T.S. Nowlin and Jonathan Tropper, and Reynolds’ character travels back in time to team up with his 13-year-old self to save the future.

Mark Ruffalo, the actor’s father, is an excellent physicist, and Catherine Keener plays the primary antagonist who steals a key piece from him. Jennifer Garner and Zoe Saldana are also in the cast, but their roles have not been announced yet.

Some aspects are interesting in this film. The story is about finding a piece of stolen technology, and one of the pictures shows the protagonists looking for it in the forest. In another picture, Reynolds has a rather small “blood stain” on his shirt, a sign that the character is injured.

“The Adam Project” is currently being filmed in Vancouver and it has already been decided that it will be available on Netflix, but no release date has been chosen. Most likely, the film will appear around this time next year.

Erin Smith
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