BOOSTEROID, good news for children and gaming enthusiasts

“Who is”

BOOSTEROID is a company that soon became an international competitor in the cloud-gaming market or by all means “browser gaming”. To use the BOOSTEROID service you need a PC, laptop, tablet or phone and an internet connection. This way you will be able to enjoy the newest and most demanding games, directly in your internet browser without the need for a high-performance device. Basically, instead of buying a gaming console for over 500 Euros, children can now play for only 4.99 Euros) *

Enter the fascinating world of gaming and take part in the coolest adventures!

Boosteroid, Intel and ASUS are teaming up to build a powerful and scalable online gaming platform that allows anyone to play even the most resource-consuming games on any device.


Inspired by the success of hyperscale cloud service providers, Boosteroid wanted to build a highly scalable platform. The company has partnered with Intel and ASUS to receive help developing and improving its global solution. The ability to scale with confidence along with the ability to deliver low latency performance and operational efficiencies required by his business was the key to success.


To address scalability and performance issues, Boosteroid is working with Intel and ASUS. Intel and ASUS helped Boosteroid choose the right server hardware, such as processors and SSDs. An Intel team of experts also helped Boosteroid use Intel® VTune ™ Profiler. This allowed Boosteroid to optimize the performance of the hardware and the performance of its special video capture module, providing an excellent cloud gaming experience.


The hardware platform, combined with the optimized module provides an almost instant response to the game and does not require players to download any software. Customers can play the most demanding games, even without a top PC or console. The highly scalable platform will allow Boosteroid to keep up with the growing number of customers and make new game developments available to them.

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