Huawei is testing “liquid lenses” for the next generation of cameras

At least in the top range, Huawei phones ready for launch in 2021 could receive cameras equipped with a new type of “liquid lens”, which improves image stabilization and focusing speed.

According to unofficial information, the biological eye lens can focus the image in just a few milliseconds, equaling the speed of the human eye. Especially in shooting mode, the new optical system could reduce to an imperceptible level the fluctuations of image clarity, sometimes manifested while the focus is readjusted to compensate for the movements of objects in the frame.

What are the advantages of the new liquid lens system
At least in the first stage, Huawei will not use this technology for the main camera, opting instead for more efficient stabilization and focusing of photos obtained in zoom mode.

Unlike the conventional lens system, the new “liquid lens” design does not provide focus adjustment by physically operating a mechanism that moves the optical group closer or further away from the photo sensor. Instead, the fixed lens changes the shape of the lens directly by applying an electric current of varying intensity. Lacking moving components, the system should be much more reliable and resistant to strong shocks, such as those induced by the phone dropping on the ground.

According to the source of rumors, Huawei will pair the new optical system based on liquid lenses with a Sony IMX782 sensor, not yet announced by the manufacturer.

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