“No More Heroes”: Mouse and Keyboard Support Becomes Available

Credit: Steam

“No More Heroes” can certainly be an extremely fun game to play for those who are looking for an assassin action game. But even so, we need to keep in mind that the game is not for those who are sensitive to graphics showcasing extreme violence or sexual themes.

“No More Heroes” has been remastered and launched in 2021 after its initial release took place in 2007. The improved version of the game allows you to “use your trusty beam katana to hack-and-slash though the competition and claim the title of world’s #1 assassin!”

Patch notes 5/13/24

A new patch has become available for “No More Heroes,” and apart from fixing plenty of bugs, the new update also stands out for granting mouse and keyboard support for those willing to run the game from their PC.

Here are the full patch notes, courtesy of a post on the Steam Community:

– Keyboard and mouse have received support.
– Gamepad rebinding has received support.
– Fixed a problem causing the game to not work properly in Offline mode.
– Fixed a problem causing the following achievements to not unlock as they should: Dial M for Massacre, Dump Donator, Gym Rat, and No More Hero.
– Fixed a problem causing the game to crash at the ranking screen after a battle with Holly Summers.
– Fixed several bugs.

Here’s a relevant description of the game, courtesy of its Steam page:

The name’s Travis Touchdown. Buckle up, ’cause this is how my story began.

It all started the night I was out drinking with some smokin’ hot chick at the bar. Before I knew it, I was ranked #11 in the UAA (that’s United Assassins Association)–with ten suckers standing in the way of me being #1.

I’ve got my trusty beam katana in one hand to take care of the small fries, and the other one ready to hold my girl once I take my place as the best assassin the world’s ever seen.

It’s a long way to the top, but this all-American otaku won’t stop until he’s #1, baby!

Apart from the PC compatibility, No More Heroes is also available for Nintendo Switch and Wii consoles.

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