5 useful ways to protect your phone

For each of us, the phone already means much more than a favorite gadget. It connects us with our loved ones and with the whole world, it gives us information and opportunities for fun. With the help of applications we protect our loved ones, we can learn foreign languages, manage our finances or health. Without realizing it, the phone is no longer just a device that mediates communication, but a real personal assistant. It is understandable in these conditions that we want to prolong its life as much as possible. Discover 5 useful methods with which you can effectively protect your phone.

Protects the phone screen

Protecting your phone screen is one of the most effective measures you can take if you want to extend its life. If the screen is scratched or cracked, the phone will not perform the same performance or will not work at all. A simple tempered glass foil secures the phone screen and saves you from such problems. However, you must also pay attention to its quality. The thinner the foil, the better. The 0.33 mm is the most popular, but there is also the 0.2 mm version. It is ideal if we find the 3D Arc Edge specification regarding the cutting process, because it is the best option. The transparency of the foil must be over 90%, and the hardness of 6H, 7H or even 9H. According to Zoom specialists, it is very important that among the technical specifications of the foil there is the mention “shatterproff”, ie shock resistant. This means that it will not break into thousands of pieces even if it is hit.

Invest in a quality cover

Although the glass foil protects the phone screen, the corners remain exposed. A silicone or book cover will protect your device very well if you accidentally drop it from your hand or it slips out of your pocket. Repeated blows to the phone, even if it does not damage it for the first time, can damage its components over time. Thus, you can see exactly when “your world is dearer” that the speaker does not work as well or you lose the signal.

And the phone needs hygiene

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic broke out, we have been constantly alerted to disinfect our phones. Like any object frequently touched with more or less clean hands and the phone needs to be cleaned periodically. If we use our smartphone with fat or dirty hands, we risk shortening its lifespan. The screen is largely protected by glass foil, but we must pay attention to the whole device. It is ideal to clean all sides of the phone and the holes with a soft material, so that they are not full of dust or dirt.

Protects the phone’s memory

If you want the phone to have a long life, protect its exterior, but also take care of the internal components. Delete the applications you don’t use, and if you have a lot of pictures, download them on a stick or save them in the cloud. Thus, the memory will be less loaded, and the phone will respond to all your commands as alert as at the beginning.

Extends battery life

Many people still believe that a correct charge of the phone means to connect it to the power source when it is almost completely discharged and to leave it plugged in until the indicator reaches 100%, possibly even overnight. But it’s not really like that. Experts say that the phone should be charged when the level reaches 30% and left up to 80%. Only then will the battery life be extended.

Erin Smith
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