Galaxy Z Flip 2, postponed. Galaxy S21 expected in limited stocks

After a difficult 2020 year, it seems that 2021 will not come with too good prospects for Samsung, the company preparing the launch of Galaxy S21 with lower phone stocks, while postponing the launch of Galaxy Z Flip 2 for spring.

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to erode the global economy, Samsung and the rest of the companies in the technology industry are reducing their sales estimates, the period after the winter holidays being one with weaker sales anyway, even without the threat of global recession.

Galaxy Z Flip 2, postponed for spring

Analyzing the results of this year’s launch of the Galaxy Z Flip – Galaxy S20, the sales obtained before the pandemic were disappointing anyway, the excessively high prices and the saturation effect created by the simultaneous launch of two flagship models meant lower cumulative sales. Learning from their mistakes, Samsung will adopt a different strategy for next year, separating the important launches to maximize everyone’s media exposure.

Fewer stocks of Galaxy S21 phones than usual

According to information in the South Korean press, production of the Galaxy S21 will begin in December, with a view to an official launch in late January 2021. Given the very short time, but also the prospects of weaker sales than in a normal year , Samsung has decided to limit the first batch of ready-to-launch phones to 6 million units. It is about the whole Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 + and Galaxy S21 Ultra family. In addition, the number of color variants has been reduced, with the risk of disappointing fans who prefer less common shades.

We also learn from the South Korean press that the Galaxy Z Flip 2 will not be present at the first Samsung Unpacked event in 2021, its launch being postponed until after the Q1 quarter. According to the new calendar, the official announcement could come only in March, at the earliest.

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