Apple Car could use Hyundai’s E-GMP platform. Kia could assemble the cars in the USA

The unofficial information about the Apple car, which the company could develop in partnership with Hyundai comes from extremely credible sources. Reuters first revealed Apple’s plans and partnership with the South Korean carmaker, while Bloomberg has talked in recent years about the possibility of an electric car with the Apple logo. Now, Ming-Chi Kuo, a Taiwanese business analyst who mainly follows the company, is offering new details about the next important Apple product.

Hyundai has not yet decided whether or not to work with Apple

The Apple car could be based on Hyundai’s E-GMP platform, says Ming-Chi Kuo. Thus, at least in theory and in the first generation, it could offer a range of 500 km and very fast charging: 80% of capacity in just 18 minutes. While Hyundai will be the main partner for the development of the first Apple car, other companies such as GM and PSA could be partners for other models.

As with partners involved in the production of electronic devices, Apple will choose manufacturers that already have a well-developed supply chain. For example, Hyundai will be the entity that will carry out the design and production, but some of the cars will be assembled in the USA in factories of Kia, the company’s subsidiary.

However, Reuters also says that within Hyundai, opinions could be divided regarding a partnership with Apple. Even though a final decision has not yet been made, there are still leaders who say that Hyundai risks becoming an equivalent of Foxconn in the car market. The publication quotes a Hyundai executive as anonymous, who does not seem very enthusiastic about the proposal: “We are not a company that produces cars for others. The partnership with Apple will not guarantee us great results “.

And even if everything goes according to plan, an Apple car will not be launched overnight. Ming-Chi Kuo says that at the earliest, such a product would not reach the market until 2025.

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