Apple orders 230 million iPhones by 2021. It could return to second place in the world

Now that the iPhone 12 has proven to be a real commercial success, as expected for Apple’s first 5G models, the company has big plans for 2021. Not only does it want to increase production capacity to meet market demand, but it seems to be competing again for the top spots among smartphone makers. Now that Huawei could leave the podium in the standings, Apple could return to second place, behind Samsung.

Apple has not been in second place since it was overtaken by Huawei

According to Nikkei, Apple plans to produce at least 95 or 96 million smartphones in the first half of 2021. Compared to sales figures for 2020, this would represent a 30% increase in production and sales for the company. . But this is not all. While production of today’s models, which covers both the four new iPhone 12 models and the iPhone 11, XR and SE models, will be increased, Apple may require component suppliers and assembly partners to increase capacity for the iPhone as well. 13.

The information that has reached the online space mentions a production of 230 million iPhone units for the year 2021, a figure that would be an absolute record for the company and that would approach the records set by Huawei a year ago, when it had the most sales in the company’s history. If these numbers are reached, Apple could once again become the world’s second-largest smartphone maker.

It’s just that the global situation is not the same as it was just a year or two ago. Xiaomi also has big plans for 2021, setting similar production targets. However, the disadvantage of the Chinese manufacturer is that it depends on the processor stocks from other partners, while Apple produces its own chips in TSMC factories. Thus, this goal could be more realistic to achieve for Apple than for Xiaomi.

We’ll see in a year if Apple manages to return to second place in the ranking of smartphone manufacturers or if it will remain in third place, behind Xiaomi.

Erin Smith
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