Xiaomi Mi 10 could be relaunched in the version with Snapdragon 870

Originally launched with the SD 865 chipset, the former flagship model Xiaomi Mi 10 could be relaunched in a better performance based on Snapdragon 870.

Xiaomi launched the Mi 11 series a few weeks ago to compete with flagship models offered by rivals such as Samsung and One Plus. But the cost of using the Snapdragon 888 chipset involves positioning in a price range hard to reach for ordinary buyers. On the other hand, the Mi 10 alternative could be considered outdated by those looking for a phone based on SD 870.

Basically, Snapdragon 870 is just a high-frequency version of the 865 Plus, and can be easily installed on the Xiaomi Mi 10’s motherboard. manufacturing costs but also consumption / operating temperatures, the upgrade decided by Xiaomi is very beneficial.

Equipped with a processor capable of reaching the frequency of 3.2GHz (compared to 3.1GHz in the current model), the new Xiaomi Mi 10 version is a minor and almost imperceptible upgrade from the perspective of performance gain, but still necessary to keep up with the new OnePlus models , Oppo and Motorola based on SD 870.

As for the rest of the specs, Xiaomi is expected to keep the 6.67-inch AMOLED screen, 108MP main camera and support for fast charging at 30 power, via USB-C cable or wireless mode.

Instead, the rumored price for the Chinese market starts at the equivalent of $ 540, the new Xiaomi Mi 10 revision being considerably cheaper than the model launched last year.

Erin Smith
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