Samsung has a “digital cockpit” for cars with a 49-inch retractable screen

Samsung illustrates a way to have fun behind the wheel with a 49-inch screen, transformed into a digital cockpit that rises above the windshield when you are not driving.

The idea is to turn the car into a kind of office / mobile entertainment center, from which you can work on the go, or capitalize in a pleasant way on the time spent in the parking lots on the way to the holiday destination. In order not to be completely useless the rest of the time, the 49-inch screen remains partially visible when you use the car, taking the role of the center console and the instrument panel.

Taking the Tesla example, the 49-inch screen used in combination with the steering wheel and pedals could be the basis of a very convincing car simulator. Demonstrated at the CES 2018 edition, however, the digital cockpit designed by Samsung is “focused on simplifying communications and delivering on-the-go experiences”.

“Digital cockpit 2021 is a solution that turns a personal car into a one-stop shop for day-to-day business,” said Wonsik Lee, executive vice president and head of research and design for Samsung’s Automotive Electronics Business Team.

Unlike other concepts unveiled before the COVID-19 crisis, the digital cockpit designed by Samsung engineers aims at nothing less than transforming the personal car into a mobile office, which, in the end, fits perfectly with the concept of remote work.

Erin Smith
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