Xiaomi Mi 11 will be able to charge in just 35 minutes. When does it launch?

Ready for launch in January, the new Xiaomi Mi 11 flagship comes with two built-in batteries and a fast charging system capable of delivering up to 55W of power via the USB-C cable.

The year 2021 will also start strongly for Xiaomi, Samsung’s decision to launch the new Galaxy S21 series before the end of January being followed by the rest of the smartphone industry.

Expected a month earlier than usual, Xiaomi Mi 11 comes equipped with the powerful Snapdragon 888 and some features designed to set it apart from rival Samsung, such as the 50MP camera and a completely unusual Quick Charge implementation.

According to information not yet officially confirmed, Xiaomi Mi 11 and Mi 11 Pro use a configuration with two batteries, with a capacity of 2390 mAh and 2485mAh. In addition to more easily meeting the phone’s power requirements, batteries with a combined capacity of approximately 4800 mAh also have the advantage of being able to be charged simultaneously by applying to each Li-Ion cell only half of the power passed on the label. In fact, the charging time is shortened without forcing too much the limits of Li-ion technology. The same source states that Xiaomi Mi 11 could be charged from 0% – 100% battery in just 35 minutes.

What features will Xiaomi Mi 11 have

Like Samsung’s rival, Xiaomi Mi 11 comes powered by Snapdragon 888, the new Qualcomm fkagship reserved for top phones. At least in the Pro version, the phone will provide a screen capable of using the QHD + resolution simultaneously with the refresh rate at 120Hz, delivering the smoothest visual experience possible in Android gaming sessions.

The camera will have a main sensor of 50MP and telephoto mode with 12MP resolution.

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