Google Photos is no longer free. The alternative that offers 100 GB of free space

As of June 1, Google Photos no longer offers unlimited storage for high-quality photos. The only ones who still benefit from this feature are the current users of Pixel phones.

Although the prices charged by Google are not high, many users are not willing to pay for the service. The cheapest Google One subscription, the 200 GB one, costs 14 lei per month. Storage capacity can be used for all Google services, including Photos or Drive.

Fortunately, for those who still want free automatic backup for images on the phone there is a provider that offers generous storage capacity.

Degoo offers 100 GB free space, but with limitations

The Swedish company Degoo has by far the best offer of free storage capacity on the market. Users receive 100 GB.

The application allows, like Google Photos, the automatic saving in the cloud of the photos taken with the phone. A subscription is required for videos. They can be loaded manually.


However, there are a number of limitations. Files can be uploaded from only three devices on which the application is installed. Degoo can be used on other terminals, but only for viewing and downloading content.

Furthermore, a file must have a maximum size of 512 MB. If it is used to save images from the phone, this is not a problem.

Another strength of the service is the end-to-end encryption offered.

Please note that all photos already uploaded to Google Photos before June 1, 2021 will remain on Google’s servers and will not be counted in the space available to users.

Erin Smith
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