Facebook will delete fake news about COVID-19 vaccines

This year, Facebook has had more work than usual in the fight against fake news. Not only did it have to do with spreading false information about the COVID-19 pandemic, which was the most discussed topic throughout 2020, but it also had to deal with false political news, as it took place in November US presidential election. While in those situations some obstacles were enough for users, in the case of vaccines for COVID, the social network will take much more drastic measures when it comes to misinformation.

Facebook will take drastic measures to prevent misinformation on its social networks

According to Bloomberg, Facebook will start effectively deleting posts that spread false information about COVID-19 vaccines. These are articles and posts that try to throw in the public space false statements proven by health professionals worldwide. This new initiative came into force yesterday and may have negative effects on the accounts of those who publish such a thing.

In fact, the false information will be deleted from both Facebook and Instagram. This is information that could suggest that vaccine ingredients may be harmful, or that unproven side effects may occur, as well as the effectiveness of vaccines. Of course, any information stating that vaccines include microchips or other “ingredients” other than the official ones will be deleted.

This news comes after Facebook has already announced that it will not accept ads on its platforms that discourage the public from getting vaccinated, whether it is a vaccine for COVID or something else.

Facebook will instead urge users to learn from trusted sources such as national or international health organizations such as the World Health Organization.

Erin Smith
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