Netflix will have its own short video section, based on the TikTok model

After Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts, Netflix Fast Laughs is the latest TikTok clone you can use in times of boredom.

Inspired by the Previews section of rival Instagram Stories, Netflix is ​​now targeting fans of the TikTok network, launching a section dedicated to short videos, created as a source of entertainment to use during breaks from watching movies and TV series.

Like the other TikTok alternatives, the Fast Laughs section on Netflix takes the form of a vertical drop-down list. The main difference is that the selection of videos, instead of being uploaded by users of the streaming platform, consists exclusively of excerpts obtained from movies and series available on Netflix. These are funny moments and other interesting phases, users having the opportunity to choose the movie, series or comedy show they want to remember in this way.

In addition to the vertical scrolling mode, Netflix has taken over other aspects reminiscent of the TikTok network, such as the row of feedback buttons on the right side of the screen. However, there are also Netflix-specific features, such as the option to add to the watch list, or play source material in the order shown.

According to Netflix, the new Fast Laughs section was first tested with a small number of users, now officially debuting for audiences in the United States, the United Kingdom and several other regions. For now, the selection of videos appears only in the iOS version of the Netlix application, and Android users will receive the updated version of the application a little later.

Erin Smith
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