Samsung Galaxy F62, launched with the same chipset found on the Galaxy Note10

Samsung seems to have chosen for the Galaxy F62 to use the remaining component stocks after the Galaxy Note10 and a few other recently launched smartphone models. The bad news is the resulting product is launched exclusively for the Indian market.

In addition to the much more affordable price than the one required for the top of the range Note 10, Galaxy F62 has at least two other advantages: the very competitive level of performance and the battery with a very generous capacity.

Galaxy F62 runs Android 11 and comes equipped with the same 7000 mAh battery used with the Galaxy M51 model. Used in combination with an efficient configuration in terms of energy consumption, the oversized battery could lead to more than 3 days of autonomy under normal use.

Equipped with the Exynos 9825 chipset, created by Samsung using the 7nm manufacturing process, the $ 330 phone will deliver performance comparable to Samsung’s former flagship Galaxy Note 10.

Expected from February 22 in the offers of stores in India, Samsung Galaxy F62 will be available in a version with 6GB and 8GB RAM, respectively 128GB internal storage and microSD slot. The only notable compromise is only limited access to 4G LTE networks, but this will not be a problem for consumers in India, as 5G coverage is still poor in this part of the world.

It remains to be seen whether Samsung will deliver a similar product to European markets, possibly at a slightly higher price.

Erin Smith
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