Midnight Gospel: Duncan Trussell Makes Passionate Plea For Season 2

The Midnight Gospel co-creator Duncan Trussell made a passionate plea for Season 2. Netflix hasn’t said too much about the next salvo of episodes. When the show launched on April 20th, a lot of fans seemed to get a kick out of the trippy visuals. Even more of them seemed moved by Clancy’s journey through the Chromatic Ribbon. Well, Trussell talked to Deadline about the series and some of the biggest moments from Season 1. The emotional finale that centers on a conversation with his deceased mother came up, as did the lingering question of Season 2. Both the podcast host, and animator Pendleton Ward would love to make a return trip to Clancy’s world. But, they will have to wait until they get word from the streaming giant on the next steps.

“Obviously, there’s a writhing part of me that is deeply in suspense, waiting for a decision to be made, one way or the other, and if I said that wasn’t there, everybody would know I was a horrible liar,” he told the publication. “But that being said, they let us make this crazy thing! To me, it’s just the wildest thing to imagine that any network would let me and Pendleton roll with this wild idea–and now, it’s living on Netflix forever.

“That’s glorious. But if you have any kind of magical powers, or even better, some connection to Netflix, give us a second season! Please, I want to make more,” he continued. “There’s so many more stories to tell about The Chromatic Ribbon. You know, we mapped out that world, and we barely, barely got into that world. But nothing you’re seeing in that show–not a single word, not a single moment–was unintentional. It all connects to a really big history, and a very deep story.”

Comicbook.com’s Rollin Bishop reviewed Midnight Gospel, and he’s probably still thinking about all these months afterward.


“Overall, I’m not quite sure if I enjoyed watching The Midnight Gospel, but I absolutely can’t stop thinking about it. And maybe the point isn’t to like it, but to chew on it, anyway? It’s not like the interview subject matter is light reading material — there’s a whole episode about ceremonial magic and Eastern traditions — and the animation flies by at a pace where new, fantastical environments, characters, and obstacles are introduced practically every minute,” Bishop wrote. “The Midnight Gospel made me laugh, think hard thoughts about things I never have, and contrary to many other shows, I can already imagine myself returning to Clancy and his strange, imperfect spacecast multiple times in the future.”

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