Xiaomi is preparing a smartphone with a screen that covers all four sides of the case

Xiaomi introduced the Waterfall Display concept a year ago, taking the form of a smartphone with a screen stretched over the side of the case, the proposed idea coming as an evolution for the curved screen, present on most high-end smartphone products.

Meanwhile, Samsung and Apple are showing signs of being ready to leave behind the curved screen fashion, favoring new, more practical design concepts.

Unrelated to trends in other manufacturers, Xiaomi has just announced a new design concept for smartphones: quad-curved waterfall display. The new format provides for the modeling of the OLED screen to encompass all four sides of the case, including the space normally reserved for physical buttons and useful features, such as the SIM / microSD slot. According to Xiaomi, the goal is to “extend the limits of the display to infinity” and facilitate “a unibody design without buttons or connectors.”

The obvious question is how this design could work when you get to the corners of the screen, much more difficult to model without risking the destruction of the OLED matrix. Well, based on the promotional images, it looks like Xiaomi will simply leave these portions blank, practicing small rounded cuts. Even with some limitations, the concept of the screen that covers (almost) the entire case of the phone could be particularly attractive to consumers looking for innovative products.

Erin Smith
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