Tesla offers those who buy a new car the free Autopilot function for the first months

The decision to adopt a subscription-based model for assisted and autonomous driving options for Tesla cars now offers the company new opportunities to promote them. For example, the company now allows those who buy a new car now to test these capabilities for the first 90 days. Autopilot and Summon are available for free for three months after purchase, after which customers will have the opportunity to continue without this option, to buy it, or to access it on a subscription basis.

Capabilities that cost thousands of dollars, offered free of charge to new Tesla customers

Currently subscriptions for these capabilities are not yet available, Elon Musk announcing that he will launch this possibility only in early 2021. Given that we are only a few days away from the new year, probably in a few weeks, those who do not want to pay a few thousands of dollars on Autopilot or Full Self-Driving will be able to test them with a one-month subscription.

However, those who buy a new Tesla car in the next period will be able to use them for free for a few months, however. This offer does not cover Full Self-Driving compatibility, as that is still an experimental, beta feature, available only to a few customers living in certain areas of the US.

However, those who buy a new Tesla will be able to use functions such as Navigate on Autopilot, which automatically drives the car on the highway, with the possibility of overtaking cars in automatic traffic. It also includes the possibility to change the custom lane on the motorway, traffic light assistance and the possibility of automatic parking. If I’ve seen automatic parking on other cars, the Summon function, which calls the car from the parking lot to where you are, is something that is currently only available on Tesla.

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