Oppo will use a new top Sony sensor for the Find X3 flagship series

It seems that Oppo is now Sony’s new partner for the debut of high-performance photo sensors, after Huawei has served this role for the past few years. The two companies last week launched a high-end sensor, Sony IMX766, with a resolution of 50 megapixels, with the new Reno5 Pro +, but will bring to market another sensor, even more powerful, dedicated to the flagship series. Thus, with the next Oppo Find X3 model, we will see a new high-performance photo sensor from the Japanese manufacturer, which we will probably see later in 2021 on other models.

The two companies are not at the first collaboration of this kind
It is a new sensor also from the 700 series. It is called Sony IMX789, a model that will follow last year’s IMX689 model, which also debuted on a top Oppo device: Find X2 Pro. At that time, the IMX689 was exclusively for this phone and benefited from a resolution of 48 megapixels with dual native ISO, both for photography in natural light and for photography in low light.

Given the trend to increase the resolution from year to year, we can expect the new sensor from Sony to offer a resolution even higher than 48 megapixels. The IMX766 sensor already comes with 50 megapixels, and the competition in the market already offers 64 or even 108 megapixels on the phones’ cameras.

Unfortunately, we do not know many details about the new sensor or the new flagship series Find X3. In 2020, the company launched Find X2 and X2 Pro, two high-end models. However, the trend in the industry is to see three devices in each range, so we can expect to receive a Find X3 Pro +. For this reason, we cannot expect the IMX789 sensor to be available on all models.

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