Daredevil Fans Organize Virtual Convention With Cast and Crew

In a pre-coronavirus world, San Diego Comic-Con would have taken place in a matter of weeks. With the event canceled for the first time in decades, the studios, publishers, and vendors are stepping up to the plate so that a virtual event can take place. In lieu of a regular version of Comic-Con, the organizers behind the event are hosting Comic-Con@Home — and they’re not the only ones putting an event together.

Later this month, the organizers behind the #SaveDaredevil movement will be hosting #SaveDaredevilCon to coincide with SDCC. The virtual event will feature content focused on the Man Without Fear, the character’s Netflix show, and associated properties. In a press release distributed by the organization, both cast and crew from the acclaimed Netflix series will be taking part in pre-recorded panels in addition to live roundtable discussions.

The event will take concurrently with Comic-Con@Home, which is set to happen between July 23rd and July 26th. As of now, it’s unknown which actors and crew will be associated with the event.

“Over the four days that fans would have gathered in San Diego, #SaveDaredevilCon will premiere an exciting schedule of pre-recorded interviews and roundtable panels, featuring cast members and others who made the hit show special, and a range of live virtual gatherings, bringing the quintessential convention experience of enjoying one-of-a-kind panels and interacting with other fans into homes around the world,” the group’s press release says.

It adds, “Fans will be able to compare their knowledge of the series through an online trivia event, participate in hangouts and rewatch parties scheduled to accommodate various time zones and the world-wide fan base that made Marvel’s Daredevil so successful, and even gather within the virtual world of Animal Crossing. Some events may have surprise appearances by cast.”


All three seasons of Daredevil are now streaming on Netflix.

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