Why My Hero Academia Won’t Be Killing Off Aizawa Anytime Soon

My Hero Academia has got fans on pins and needles these days, and it is all thanks to Aizawa. The pro hero is caught up in a worst-case scenario now that he is fighting Shigaraki. The baddie has been on a tirade after inheriting the power of All For One. His brand-new powers gave Shigaraki the ability to decay an entire third of a city, so you can see why fans are scared for Aizawa. But as things are right now, no one needs to worry about Eraser Head.

You might be wondering why we are so sure of Aizawa’s safety, and it boils down to a few reasons. There are characters in My Hero Academia who fans have felt safe about only to have things turned on their heads. From the deaths of Sir Nighteye to Crust and even Twice, these losses have hit hard, but their impact on the series is nowhere near that of Aizawa.

The teacher is in a strange place as he is one of two mentors helping Izuku along. The boy is split between All Might and Eraser Head, and both of the teachers play different roles in his life. Of course, it is almost a tradition in shonen anime for one of these men to die, but I think I speak for most fans when I say that All Might would be the one to bite the dust.

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The character’s legacy status makes him a strong contender in the race to being killed, but the same cannot be said for Aizawa. The mentor is important enough that he needs to stick around, but he can take a few licks. To put things in perspective, Aizawa performs a similar role that Kakashi does in Naruto. The teacher is liable to undergo some near-death experiences, but it is safe to say he will make it to the end. The same cannot be said for All Might who has a role more similar to Jiraiya, but fans are holding out hope for the Symbol of Peace.


For now, it seems like Eraser Head is in trouble, but he is not in danger like the series would want us to believe. There is little doubt that Izuku will get the pro hero out of his current mess with Shigaraki, but that means the villain will turn their eyes to the student. And if anyone were to die while protecting the green-haired hero, it would be Gran Torino.

Do you think Eraser Head is still in the hot seat? Or will he make it out of everything okay? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!

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