Agents of SHIELD’s Joel Stoffer to Appear on Stranger Things (Exclusive)

Agents of SHIELD is currently in the middle of its seventh and final season, and one of the best things about this year has been Enoch, the lovable Chronicom played by Joel Stoffer. The character first appeared as a voice in the season four finale, and then returned for a bigger role in season five. Sadly, the character did not survive the season, but due some time travel adventures, a second version of Enoch returned in season six and has been a fan-favorite ever since. Recently, had the opportunity to chat with Stoffer about his time on the series, and when we asked about his upcoming projects, the actor revealed some exciting news… He’s going to be in the fourth season of Stranger Things!

“I’ve got a role that we haven’t shot yet on Stranger Things,” Stoffer revealed. “I don’t expect it to become anything like long term, but it’ll be coming up. They contact me and I’ll go to Georgia, to Atlanta, and shoot it when they get back up and running. ‘Cause they’ve been obviously shut down for a while.” Unfortunately, it’s currently unclear when production for the hit Netflix series will resume. “They haven’t formed their schedule yet,” Stoffer explained.

When we asked if he knows anything about his role or who from the Stranger Things cast he’ll be working with, Stoffer shared it’s too early to know for sure. “I literally do not know anything,” he explained. “It was cast during quarantine a couple of months ago and I was sent the pages of my scene and that was it. And I didn’t know any of the actors or… I didn’t recognize any names in my scene. So, I don’t even know if I have additional scenes beyond that one scene. I expect that I do, but I really don’t know.” He added, “You know as much as I do, they’re really secretive.”

No matter the size of Stoffer’s upcoming Stranger Things role, Agents of SHIELD fans will surely be excited to know he will be back on their screens after the Marvel series comes to an end. Stay tuned for more info from our interview with Stoffer, which you can watch in the video above.

Agents of SHIELD airs Wednesday nights on ABC at 10 PM EST, and the first three seasons of Stranger Things are currently available to stream on Netflix.

Erin Smith
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