An affordable sensor to assess water quality

In certain regions of the world, access to safe and potable water is not always guaranteed.

Students from the School of Advanced Digital Technologies (ETNA) in France developed the WellCheck project.

It is a low-cost sensor for assessing water quality.

The WellCheck solution is broken down into a float fitted with sensors which analyze well water and an antenna which sends the collected data to remote servers. All supported by an application which helps to visualize information relating to water pollution in a region. © WellCheck

The floating sensor analyzes the water in the wells and the antenna sends the data to an application, which makes it possible to visualize water pollution.

The sensor collects data related to pH, turbidity, temperature, and chemical oxygen demand.

Students plan to test their 2021 solution in Africa, with support from the Sigfox Foundation.

Source: Wellcheck

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