Trump concern about electric vehicles

President trump video call touches on many issues; Most of the problems he talked about he said elsewhere. In Electrek, we were interested in the first 57 minutes of the talk. Among the 57 minutes, 15 of them spoke of the Electric Vehicles (EV), which was purely discussion.  In the debate, the alternative of fuel for vehicles was the main discussion.

The discussion started with a male voice who is a businessman in the natural gas sector. The man begins slowly into the field to compress the natural gas (CNG) vehicle on the road. The man believes that nature will help in reducing emissions in the atmosphere.

Mr. Trump’s response was in line with the man’s idea, where he agreed to lower the price for the gas. HE Congratulated him for doing a great job.

The current attempt for Mr. Trump was to roll back mileage standards that are in EPA, which set under president Barrack Obama. The EPA plan analysis showed that the move would cost Americans a lot of money and time. This EPA idea faces stiff opposition from business people and states.

The CNG advocates believe there is a chance for CNG vehicles to be at the same level as Electric vehicles, but there is no need to issue tax credits; all people need is clean air.

Unfortunately, the things he was saying interrupted because every person started speaking in myths about electric vehicles.  The tales were from Mr. Trump’s advisers and not him.

Mr. Trump asked the wear about the Electric Vehicle; this made the room go into silence for a minute. The advisers then started giving the advantage of the vehicle one by one.

Mr. President brought Telsa, an example of an electric vehicle; there was a background voice rejecting the issue.  It claimed that Telsa is broke 100%, but some cut him short.  A member claimed that he might bee having a problem with the most popular vehicle.

In the past few days, Telsa had put off model 3 line of 2018 April, intending to improve automation. At the same time, Telsa was producing 2000 #S modeling per week. In the year 2020, Telsa produced Four times more than the previous year.  The speaking voice then turned into a monologue that contains zero accurate information about electric vehicles. This discussion continued up to the point where they concentrated on the CEO of Telsa. The president was concern about why the price on the market was high, and there was a tax holiday.

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