Indian Prime Minister Awards a Young Man for Building a Cryptocurrency App

The Indian government is at a point of discussing whether to accept or ban cryptocurrencies its boundary. The Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has awarded a young person by creating an app that deals with cryptocurrencies.  IN the Prime Minister tweet of 24 January 2020, he granted the young man, Harshita Arora with Bal Shakti Puraskar 2020. The young girl has a focus on science, technology, and human welfare, which are visible. 

The 18 years old, Kumari Harshita Arora created an app known as crypto price tracker, which is portfolio management and tool for tracking price for cryptocurrencies. Mr. Kumari designed the app personally and placed the above features.

During the interaction between the award winners with the Prime Minister at his official residence, Mr. Modi said, he is pleased to see the efforts and the duty Kumari has made toward the society and the nation, this is according to a local media. During the event, 49 different winners of various categories receive the award, but Kumari received Bal Puraskar for his great innovation.  According to Prime Minister Spoke, he has got a lot of inspiration and energy from the recipients, the time my servants introducing Kumari to me, some minutes ago. He added that people in different sectors have tried to develop the app, but it did with a young person who is so amazing.  

The Bal Shakti Puraskar is a government of India award to young people to recognize their efforts and achievements in different sectors such as innovation, art, and culture, Scholastic achievement, social services sports and bravery according to the Indian government website. The award also recognizes the contribution of various individuals and institutions whose ideas helped the government to come up with measures that will improve the welfare of the children. 

The interview with Arora gave full insight about the app and how she felt with the award.  Arora said that she created crypto Pricing Tracker in the year 2017 and launched the app on the app store in January 2018. Redwood City ventured acquired the app to manage it.  

This app is portfolio management that enables one to manage the price and track alerts. The app tracks more than 1,000 cryptocurrencies from more than 18 exchanges in a 32-fiat currency. The app provides price for all cryptocurrencies every Friday, the last day of the month, after three months, and ends the year.  

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