Chief Financial Officer of the NASA Agency tenders resignation

The Chief Financial Officer of NASA Jeff DeWit will be resigning from the organization in Arizona to stay to take care of his children. DeWit revealed in an official statement on February 11 that he had quit the department, with his last day being February 13. He claimed that ever since December, he has already been negotiating to leave but decided to stay on to February 10, up until the revised 2021 budget for the fiscal year was officially released.

He said in the document that the interest in returning to his family who resided in Arizona as he was serving in Washington prompted him to leave. Many of you know that it has been a sacrifice for my family as they are in Arizona, and I have only been commuting back about one weekend of every three on average,” he wrote. “During busy times in [the Office of the Chief Financial Officer], I have sometimes gone for over five weeks without seeing them.”

He further went on to say that “I often go without seeing them for more than five weeks [the office of the Chief Financial Officer] during busy times.”

DeWit told him he was re-joining Arizona’s private business community” but didn’t indicate what work he was going to take. From the early nineties to 2014, he was elected treasurer for state finance in Arizona.

Before he was appointed in November 2017 for CFO, one of four members of the Senate-confirmed agency, he had no history in the space industry. A month before confirming the new NASA administrator, Jim Bridenstine, the Senate overwhelmingly confirmed him in March 2018.

DeWit was appointed chief financial officer by the Senate, by a majority. DeWit was elected November 29 and January 8 to abide by the rules of the Senate. The Senate listed his appointment as “privileged,” authorizing him to miss a confirmatory meeting or vote by the Committee on Commerce due to the absence of opposition. Senate Commerce Committee

DeWit is a trustee of the state of Arizona, which was founded in 2014. As per a document by the Arizona Republic in Phoenix, he is supposed to resign from that post and begin working for NASA within the next few weeks.

On February 10, at a press video conference on the 2021 budget proposal, DeWit did not mention his retirement intentions, voicing his excitement about the outlook for the initiative. He notes that the $25.2 billion bid, a 12% rise over the agency’s fiscal 2020 budget, concerning this, he stated that he is confident there were a lot of people who want to see it happen.”

“Every chance to be with NASA is fun,” he said. “We have an immense unifying endeavor to get this proposal through the hill and to go into the moon, and to Mars, I guess.

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