Waze prin Apple CarPlay va funcționa și în modul Split View

Waze is about to extend Apple CarPlay compatibility with Split View mode support, allowing the navigation screen to be shared with other iOS applications.

Split view mode is one of the most important improvements to the CarPlay interface, allowing the use of the car console to perform multiple activities simultaneously, sharing the screen to accommodate multiple sources of information and iOS applications. But to use the new display mode added starting with iOS version 13.4, you also need explicit support from the applications.

Waze browsing through Apple CarPlay will become even more enjoyable to use

Recognized for its traffic and incident reporting tools, Waze is a valuable source of useful information collected from drivers in traffic. Details such as crowded sections of the road, areas with accidents, speed camera locations and other potential hazards have brought many fans a navigation solution purchased in the meantime by Google.

Although they share the same owner, the necessary adaptations have been added for the Google Maps app, but not for Waze, the latter’s fans still having to deal with the inevitable interruptions caused by receiving a call, or other iOS apps fighting for on-screen visibility .

In its current form, if you want to use Split View mode to access media controls and other phone functions during the browsing session, you can choose between Apple Maps and Google Maps.

Illustrated with a supposed screenshot, the new display mode would not be the only improvement prepared for the Waze service, Google adding in the navigation interface and directions for framing in the vicinity of intersections.

All of these improvements are already in beta, but Google has no clue as to when they might be released for Waze users.

Erin Smith
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