Apple’s New Magnetic Charger for iPhone 12 Gets Leaked

With iPhone 12 being only a couple of weeks away from launch, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to find out that the leaks keep pouring in. Yesterday we reported on the camera systems that the upcoming iPhone 12 models will have to offer but today, we have something even more exciting to share. A new report from Macotakara reveals that the Japanese tech manufacturer MPOW who is working with Apple is planning to release a new charger for iPhone 12.

New Magnetic Charger for iPhone 12

“MPOW JAPAN Co., Ltd. (Location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Takehiko Komazaki) announces a wireless charger that supports the charging position adjustment function using a magnet, which is a new wireless charging mechanism installed in the new ‌iPhone‌”.

From the looks of it, the new magnetic charger is going to be available for iPhone 12 and all the premium models such as iPhone 12 Pro Max. The company revealed in a recent statement that the new charger uses a “ring-shaped magnet mechanism” that removes the need of plugging in the charging cable.

The interesting thing about the new magnetic charger is that it works with a similar mechanism in the new iPhone. Therefore, we believe that the accessory will not be compatible with current-gen or older iPhone models. Although, Apple has yet to make an official announcement.

Release Date

As expected, the Japanese tech manufacturer is planning to release the new magnetic charger on the same day that Apple is expected to reveal iPhone 12. This is today (October 13). We also want to highlight that the Cupertino based tech giant may use this opportunity to revive the “MagSafe” brand and to make it focus on magnetic chargers and other innovative accessories such as the “MagSafe Charger” or “MagSafe Duo Charger”.

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