Why is there no pickup and delivery for smog tests? Turns out there is.

Q: With the obvious need for a way to get smog checks accomplished for those who feel endangered with the COVID-19 virus, I’m amazed that American ingenuity hasn’t come up with a simple solution such as offering pickup and delivery to customers.

Ron Johnstone, Santa Clara

A: One shop has.

Q: I am the owner of Autotrend Diagnostics, an automotive repair and service shop in Campbell. I was reading about people concerned about safely getting their cars smogged for registration during the virus fears. Please let them know that my shop is able to smog model year 2000 and newer cars and trucks that are not required to go to a Star Station or Test Only Station.

We can pick up the car and deliver it back when the inspection is complete within 20 miles of my shop. We can arrange payment over the phone and be completely touchless for the customer. We wear gloves and masks when in the car and also sanitize the car when finished.

Dave Kusa, Autotrend Diagnostic

A: So many elderly and risk drivers are begging for this. The DMV recommends motorists pay their renewal fees to avoid late fees and go to a smog station when they feel it is safe to do so. Stickers will not be sent out until it is smogged.

You can reach www.AutotrendDiagnostics.com or call 408-866-5140. It is at 2885 S. Winchester Boulevard in Campbell.

And if anyone else is doing this, just let me know.

Q: I read your item about repaving Capitol Expressway, which is needed. But what about Almaden Expressway? It is so rough.

Linda Charles, San Jose

A: A big paving project will begin this month between Blossom Hill Road and Harry Road and include drainage and pedestrian improvements, repairs to sidewalks and upgrading curb ramps. Work is expected to be completed by the end of February. Two of the three lanes will close temporarily in one direction at a time, so expect delays. For updates, go to www.countyroads.org.

Q: I live near Foxworthy and Cherry in San Jose. For about the last year and a half, every morning between 5:30 and 6:15 a.m., a small sedan races down Foxworthy at about 60 mph and runs the red light and stop signs headed toward Almaden Expressway. I saw an officer a while back and mentioned it to him, but I have not seen any increase in patrols during those hours. Any way you could pass this along to an officer looking to write a big ticket?

Patrick Carter, San Jose

A: They know now.

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