Genshin Impact Takes the Gaming World by Storm with Over $100 in Profits Two Weeks After Launch

Genshin Impact is a new free-to-play from China and it is now breaking records in terms of profits. Even though free-to-play games are not known for making the most money, Genshin Impact’s incredible success is proving that it can be done. The game has grossed more than $100 million in only two weeks after launch. This is quite incredible and it shows us just how profitable a great monetization plan can be.

Genshin Impact Breaks Records

“According to data from [game industry analysts] Sensor Tower, the game was the #2 highest-grossing game globally on iOS in its first week,” said Niko Partners’ senior analyst Daniel Ahmad. “According to data from App Annie the game was downloaded more than 23 million times on iOS / Android in its first week. Will break RMB 1 billion mark soon.”

“Genshin Impact has been able to offer a core open-world RPG experience, scaled across multiple platforms,” added Ahmad. “It’s accessible (F2P / Multi-Platform), Immersive (Open World / Deep gameplay mechanics) and focuses on quality (Graphics / Story). Engagement drives monetization.”

Upcoming Update

To make things even better, the developers are planning to release the game’s first update that is going to bring the version number to 1.1. Seeing how successful Genshin Impact is right now, we think it’s safe to say that the game will break even more records when the new update arrives.

According to the developers, the new 1.1 update will introduce lots of features to Genshin Impact such as an encyclopedia for monsters, small animals, and plants, as well as a tool to help track down treasure chests, the ability to heal without opening the food menu, and an equipment lock to keep you from accidentally selling valuable items or using them to level up equipment.

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