Householdpackers announces guidelines for its packers and movers to shift safely during the pandemic

Gurugram, Sept 17-, the leading logistics aggregator of India has issued a set of safety measures and guidelines for its listed packers and movers to follow for safe shifting during the pandemic. With the country jostling with the biggest disease to have struck in the past few decades, economic activity cannot be paused for too long. Houses need to be shifted and office need to be moved, thus the packers and movers have to continue doing their job. But how to ensure that minimum or no covid related problems occur to anyone involved in the moving and home shifting? To keep the infection at bay, India’s No 1 service for packers and movers has shared a few pointers for their transport companies.

  1. Documentation to be done Digital- In the age and era where payments and documentation are now going digital, is insisting on all shifting documents to be done digitally. Along with the shifting no obligation quotes to be shared, everything should be done digitally. The removal of paperwork eliminates any physical contact and thus any chances of spread of infection.
  2. Sanitization of Warehouses- This is one of the most mammoth tasks taken up by packers and movers in Delhi. The company is insisting on cleaning and disinfecting warehouses where household stuff is stored in interim timings. These can be a huge breeding grounds for infections and periodic sanitization is a must.
  3. Social distancing- When it comes to packing of a household, social distancing becomes very difficult. But with careful planning, the company has come up a with an advisory on the number of team sizes that should be followed while packing and how to maintain social distancing. Packing is a tedious process which takes place over several days but maintaining distance can be a challenge. Follow the guidelines sent by the company on how to maintain social distancing while packing and loading.
  4. Frequent temperature checks- is advising its packers and movers to maintain frequent temperature checks for its staff and loading and packing teams. It is imperative that everyone be sensitized towards this issue and temperature checks should be done periodically.
  5. Use of Masks and sanitizers- It goes without saying that masks are the weapon that everyone needs to have in their armoury now. We have made it mandatory for all packing, loading and unloading staff to be wearing masks at all times. Use of sanitizers every 3 hours and before entering and exiting a household for packing and shifting is also mandatory.






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