Why You May Need a Separate Insurance Cover Apart From What Your Mover Is Already Offering

Moving is an involving process which has you literally placing all your valuables in the hands of another person or organization. This process is highly intricate which is why any reputable mover will offer you moving insurance in the event you suffer any loss or breakage of your items. That said, the moving insurance that comes with various moving companies moving packages may not be enough to give you the insurance protection that you need.

Here are a few reasons why you may need a separate insurance cover from what your mover is already offering.


  1. In Case You Have Valuable Items

General homeowners insurance will cover the usual property found in any home. From furniture pieces such as sofas, cabinets, beds, kitchen utensils and appliances, all these will usually be covered under your mover’s insurance provision. However, if you have any high value items such as art pieces, antique china, pianos and so on, you will need to purchase another insurance cover for these during your move.

  1. Know the Limits of the Policy

Most homeowners’ insurance policies offered by moving companies will have a relatively low limit which could not offer you the confidence that you need to know that your items are safe in case of loss or breakage. Find out from your movers what the limit on your policy is as compared to the value of your items. You may be able to top up on the same policy in order to reach a limit that covers your belongings satisfactorily. However, if this is not an option, then you should consider talking to your home insurance agent for other insurance options that you could buy.

  1. Find out what the policy covers

Moving insurance policies will often offer a policy that covers breakage or damage during the move. It is vital that you find out what the insurance policy that your mover is offering covers. It is vital to also buy a separate insurance cover for loss or theft. Anything can happen when you are on the move, especially if your items will be in storage for a bit before getting to their final destination. Professional cross country moving companies as well as local movers will let you know exactly what your policy covers.

  1. Coverage Limit

Where you are moving to will determine whether you need to take on a separate insurance policy than what you mover is offering. Moving from California to New York will be sure to need an updated insurance which your mover may not offer because it is a long distance move across states. Call your insurance agent to find out if you will need a separate insurance premium as well as how much it will cost you. 


Professional moving companies such as ours will offer you a full-service move which includes an insurance cover that will cater to your needs. Should you need to purchase a separate insurance cover, we will advise you accordingly and even link you up with reputable insurance agents that we can vouch for. Call us today for any questions regarding moving insurance.


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