Packing for Short Moves vs Packing for Long Distance Moves

Moving is a process that requires lots of preparation to prevent avoidable regrets and headaches. However, moving long distance and moving short distance do not usually have the same logistics to consider. This does not mean that a short distance move requires less preparation, it just requires a different approach. As you are packing for your short move (for example if you are moving from New York to a state that’s close by such as Delaware), the preparations you make will be much different from that of a person moving across the country.

Here are some considerations to make as you pack for a short move versus a long distance move.

  1. You Can Borrow Boxes

As you get ready to pack for your short move, the first items will you need are packing boxes. While finding packing boxes from grocery and furniture stores is a viable option, you need to inform them in advance so they can set some boxes aside for you. However, if you have really no time and have opted to do your own packing as opposed to hiring movers and packers, you can borrow some boxes from friends and family. Since you could be moving just a short distance away, it will be convenient to borrow and return moving boxes after your move.

  1. You Can Move in Bits

If you are moving just down the street or a few miles away, you can pack your items in bits and move them in trips. Additionally, you have the luxury of choosing to use your trunk as a moving box and putting in items that don’t need boxing in there and moving them without a hassle. With long-distance moves, this would not be advisable as the many trips would end up being expensive and a real hassle.

  1. You Can Enlist the Help of Family and Friends

Since a short distance move is easier to handle without much professional assistance, you can use the help of family and friends. You may borrow a truck from any one of these people and also invite them over to help with some of the packing. Usually, this is possible especially if your short distance move is within a radius that is manageable for them. With a long-distance move, however, it would be untenable to expect family and friends to book a flight to help with your move. 

  1. You Can Tell What You Will Need to Pack

Since a short move will allow you to visit your new home even more than once, you can be able to tell what to pack and what to get rid of. However, with a long-distance move, you sometimes may have to pack everything and then declutter or keep in storage what won’t fit in your new home once you arrive.

Essentially, packing for a short move versus a long distance move is quite different. But a move is still – a move. Call us today for any assistance you may need with your cross country move between New York and California.

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