How to Increase Sales Through Funnel Marketing


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Regardless of your industry, it’s important to consider migrating your business online as consumers rely more and more on online shopping to purchase their needs. But as the digital sphere becomes saturated by businesses eager to make their mark online, you need to use the right approach in order to compete for sales.

One way you can generate opportunities for your online business is to use funnel marketing. While not a new concept, funnel marketing has become a standard for attracting and nurturing new customers. It sets the process through which customers learn about your brand and make informed decisions down the line.

Want to enhance your profitability? Here are a few steps you might want to keep in mind. 

1. Determine your ideal audience

Who will qualify as customers for the products and services you are selling? Coming up with an ideal customer profile helps you determine the kind of audience you need to engage. You may have to divide your audience into specific categories. By crafting messages that appeal to these categories, you can easily invite customers who demonstrate the most need for your product or service.

2. Set up your process

A sales funnel is basically a process that occurs in steps, from initial contact down to a sales conversion. It’s how you set up these steps that can help you succeed since they show you the right types of content to deliver for each step. For instance, when it comes to attracting leads at the top of the funnel, you might want to use social media and blogging as your main channels. As customers enter the mid-funnel steps, you can bombard them with newsletters, whitepapers, and case studies that will show the long term value they can get from your brand.

3. Craft effective emails

You can never have a high-converting sales funnel without including email in your lead nurturing arsenal. To create your email marketing sales funnel, you need to use a platform that lets you set up email flows which automatically makes send outs. The trick here is to use email content that is relevant to the current stage a prospect is in. So, if a potential customer is very likely to purchase an offer, you can send promotional emails with a link that directs to the checkout page.

4. Keep engaging after the sale

Once you have sealed the deal with a customer, it’s important to know that your relationship doesn’t end there. You should look into the possibility of a repeat sale, so make sure to follow up on your existing customers by filling them in on new products or service features. You can also invite them to events or create loyalty programs that give away discount offers, coupons, and freebies. People will keep coming back if you let them know you’re always cooking up something new.

With a sales and marketing funnel, you can improve your profitability, build lasting relationships with clients, and grow your business. So keep these tips in mind as you set up a process for attracting and qualifying new customers. 


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