Apple says it’s lost money on repairs over the last decade

Accused of making repairs to its devices difficult or inaccessible, Apple says their repair service actually runs on a deficit, implying that it does not act in this way to make more money, but to ensure a Reliable and safe service, according to reports from Engadget.

In recent years, movements have been organizing to claim the right of consumers to repair their electronic devices themselves. Apple is one of the companies at the heart of the discontent.

The company is accused of scrambling to make repairs difficult or inaccessible to the general public, and to adopt a restrictive approach to third-party repairs. As a result, owners of iPhones or other Apple devices are forced to have them repaired by Apple at often much higher costs than an independent third party.

The many criticisms of Apple have aroused the attention of the US antitrust authorities, charged with maintaining competition by preventing excessive concentration of companies from the same sector or related sectors. They are now asking for answers.

The company responded to the allegations through Kyle Andeer, vice president of legal affairs at Apple. According to him, the critics do not hold the road since the repair service of the company loses money for a decade.

“Every year since 2009, our repair service costs have exceeded the revenues generated by these repairs,” said Andeer in his response to the US antitrust committee. “The purpose of the company’s protectionist approach to repair is to ensure that repairs on these complex devices are reliable and safe.”


According to Engadget, this statement may seem curious in comparison with the facts on the ground. Last year, a CBC News investigation revealed Apple was asking for $1,200 to repair a MacBook, which could cost as little as $75 in a third-party company. Still according to Engadget, the replacement of an iPhone X window is worth $279 when dealing with Apple, while the independent company iPhone Doc NYC requires $170 for the same service.

Kyle Andeer says that a repair done by untrained personnel can cause risks. He gives the example of a loose screw that could damage the battery and cause overheating and even fire.

He added that the company has introduced new programs that make the device repair process easier, such as its Best Buy repair partnership or new system that allows independent smartphone repairers to purchase parts, tools, and accessories for their devices. official repair guides directly from the company.

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